Get your free books here: What’s good enough for Paulo Coelho…

This is to announce a new feature of this blogsite—a new page, and a source of free books for those who ask. (Click on “FREE BOOKS,” at the top of this page.)

I’ve been inspired by eminent author Paulo Coelho and his recent blog about his own “Piracy Page,” and the merits of giving his work away for free. (Comments on his post express a range of attitudes toward the issues of piracy and creative products being offered for free. For other perspectives see my post from a year ago.)

One advantage of giving books away for free, or so goes a common argument, is that this actually boosts sales. So, willing to believe anything, I’m climbing on the bandwagon. Exactly which books will be on offer will change from time to time. (Sometimes none may be available for free.) Visitors are encouraged to check to see whether there isn’t something new they’d like to read.

Sara raises a good point, a possible lesson in humility. What if no one wants these items, even for free?