Free e-book from C.G. Moore

Christopher Moore’s *Waiting for the Lady* should see a jump in sales.

Burma’s pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi is leaving Burma for the first time in 24 years. Her first foreign visit will be to Bangkok, where she will attend the World Economic Forum. She is expected to arrive in Bangkok on 30th May. Then she will travel to Europe to address the International Labour Conference in Geneva and to finally accept her Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo … Read more

Getting away from it all: Now & then

Sometimes, e.g. when I look around a Skytrain car and see people’s faces lit in the unholy glow of iPad screens (see “Digital bedlam”)—when I notice the wires dangling from people’s heads, the animated conversations with invisible presences on the part of people sporting no visible gadgetry at all, the poke-poking and thumbing of games and messages and searches for the meaning of life—it seems to me that these changes in our behavior have been sudden. Just last … Read more

Dinomynas, flying lizards, other local wildlife

Following my post regarding Nigel’s attempts to kill me, I remembered another myna story, a magazine piece I’d written years ago. How did mynas come to figure so large in my life?

I’m lying there by the pool with last night’s wine pouring out of me, dozing and reading Roddy Doyle by turns, my own Muse stirring within, a touch of the Irish in her voice, rousing me, from time to time, to sit up and drip ink and … Read more