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(publication details at the end of the page):

  • Syn and Genesis 2.0, the first two in a series of speculative novels, are finished; a third lurks in the background.
  • Killers, an anthology (novellas and short stories), awaits publication.
  • Gradient, a darkly comic metaphysical thriller, is in progress.
  • Kicking Dogs and Bangkok Knights are long overdue for republication.
  • Yawn is due for surgery followed by reincarnation under a new title.


1. Kicking Dogs

(available from Amazon in print and Kindle editions)

Cover illlustration by Colin Cotterill, writer & artist (

Jack Shackaway has a talent for annoying the wrong people.

(out of print)

2. Bangkok Knights

A sweet and sour chronicle of male expat life in Bangkok

A few of the issues addressed in this book:

  • Will Trevor Perry ever find his perfect soulmate? In three separate trips to Bangkok from Kuwait, this young traffic engineer trys to interview dozens of prime candidates for dinner—maybe even for good times to come in Kuwait and Norwich. But he keeps falling victim to targets of first opportunity, including the legendary Legs, a.k.a. “Long Tall Lek,” who used to be the star dancer at Shaky Jake’s, way back before her feet started acting up and she had to retire. Some things just seem to resist engineering.
  • What is Leary’s Law, and why should every single male visitor to Thailand be aware of it?
  • Under what circumstances was a gentleman named Sid “Siddiqi” Davis crushed to death by a falling bargirl known as Big Toy?
  • Why is a hangover like sticking your tongue on a doorknob?
  • Why would a local expat women’s club even want to talk to “Billboard” Coburn, much less rent out his backside?
  • What’s this strange fascination Bill Baxter from Seattle has for a young lady with a reputation for “feeding the ducks”?
  • What is the Swollen Pig-Head Syndrome, and in how many ways is it going to ruin our narrator’s love-life?

(out of print)

3. Yawn (A Thriller)

Radical therapy for suburban life gone stale

4. Bangkok Old Hand

Take the “Bangkok Old Hand Quiz.” How does your own expertise stack up against that of the legendary Ham Fiske?

(Originally published in 1993 by Post Books; now out of print.)

  • What’s the real story behind the Thai smile?
  • Where do hangovers come from?
  • What is a traffic jam good for?
  • What is the essence of the Thai massage?
  • Who is Ham Fiske?

This book provides authoritative answers to these and many other questions.


5. xxxxxx

Books by Collin Piprell:

* Syn, a futuristic novel (complete, seeking a publisher). The first in a projected series.

* Kicking Dogs (Bangkok: Asia Books, 2000; bookSiam, 1995; Editions Duang Kamol, 1991), a novel. Out of print.

* Bangkok Knights (Bangkok: Asia Books 2001; Bangkok: Editions Duang Kamol, 1989, 2nd ed. 1991; published as Too Many Women by bookSiam, 1995). Out of print.

* Yawn (Bangkok: Asia Books, 2000), a novel. Out of print.

* Bangkok Old Hand (Bangkok: Post Books, 1993), a collection of stories and essays. Out of print.

* Thailand’s Coral Reefs (Bangkok: White Lotus, 1995). Photos by Ashley J. Boyd. Natural history and conservation of reefs. Out of print.

* A Diving Guide to Thailand (Singapore: Marshall Cavendish, USA: Hippocrene Books, 2000; Singapore: Times Editions, 1994). Photos by Ashley J. Boyd.

* Thailand: The Kingdom Beneath the Sea (Bangkok: Artasia Press, 1990). Photos by Ashley J. Boyd.  Out of print.

* National Parks of Thailand, in collaboration with Denis Gray and Mark Graham (Bangkok: IFCT, 1991; 2nd ed. 1994). Out of print.

I’ve also had several hundred features appear in publications that include The Bangkok Post, Asia Times, International Herald Tribune, Far Eastern Economic Review, Asian Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, ShowBoats International, Boat International, SEA Yachting, Southeast Asia Diver, Action Asia, Arts of Asia, Asia-Pacific Tropical Homes, Discovery, Sawasdee.