Not phobic, not covered in oozing sores, but…

I’ve been preparing to spend far too much time, I suspect, on my new blog/website. But more and more agents and publishing companies claim this is part of the self-promotional duties of the up-and-coming writer, in this new digital age. So it was nice to encounter a contrarian opinion (even if it was quoted on the blog—Shrinking Violet Promotions: Marketing for Introverts—of some writers who themselves tend towards novella-length posts): 

Just write your heart out. I promise you that’s what matters. I would much, much, much rather find a great, unusual, distinctive book by a phobic writer covered in oozing sores who lives in a closet than a decent but not amazingly original book by the world’s best promoter. I could sell the former a lot better, too.”
                                  Elizabeth Law, Publisher, Egmont USA

 But Ms. Law might be paddling against the current, in this matter.

 Just incidentally, I’m looking for a good agent or publisher. I’m not going to claim I’m covered in oozing sores or that I’m especially phobic. But I will say (as would my dear, departed mother, were she still with us) that I have unusual and distinctive books to offer. Take a look at MOM, for example.  

Speaking of publishing world Uber-bloggers, I was led to Shrinking Violet Promotions by way of literary agent Nathan Bransford’s blog.  You don’t have to be looking for an agent; this site presents a frequently updated mother lode of information and opinion regarding breaking developments in book publishing and marketing.