‘Whatever’ rools, OK!

Jack Shackaway not only accuses me of plagiarism, never mind he’s a squatter on this site, he has asked whether I’d post the following item for him.

Thirteen years ago, South Park writers saw clearly into the future

Check out the 20 August 1997 episode where Cartman crosses Emerson’s name off a copy of Walden, substitutes his own, submits it to a “Save Our Fragile Planet” essay contest, and wins. The reactions of everyone from Cartman himself to the school adminstration and contest organizers are dead ringers for what the NY Times reported on 11 February 2010, in

Author, 17, Says It’s ‘Mixing,’ Not Plagiarism:

“On Thursday, Ms. Hegemann’s book was announced as one of the finalists for the $20,000 prize  of the Leipzig Book Fair in the fiction category. And a member of the jury said Thursday that the panel had been aware of the plagiarism charges before they made their final selection… ‘Obviously, it isn’t completely clean but, for me, it doesn’t change my appraisal of the text,” said Volker Weidermann, the jury member and a book critic for the Sunday edition of the newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine, a strong supporter. “I believe it’s part of the concept of the book.’”

Well, sure. ‘Whatever’ rools, OK!

But I did write Kicking Dogs. Collin essentially stole it, eh?











Poetic justice? Now Collin’s complaining about people swiping stuff from him. See “Writerly occupational hazards: Plagiarism.”

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  1. I know how you feel, Jack. The Western MSM keep refusing to give me credit for writing the Revelation of St. Jong the Divine even though the only outside resources I called upon when I sat down to write it were the teachings of my daddy and granddaddy.

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