Cry havoc

Photos by the lovely Ms. Plug

Bangkok remains relatively calm. Misleadingly so, perhaps. Forget about lavish tides of good sense in the coming days, if not years—not that we had to wade through much of it in the past, here or anywhere, come to that. Dourness rools, OK!

The beast of unreason has been let slip, and it’s time for civil folk to look askance at strangers in the street, to avoid the shadows and to watch their asses. But not so closely that it becomes neurotic.

Mai pen rai. The clean-up is underway, and once the Peua Thai Party establishes Khun Chalerm as PM-in-waiting-for-the-PM-of-PMs, everything will be fine.

* Irony (n) An often contradictory meaning underlying the apparent meaning of an expression, a difference or incongruity between what is said and what is really intended.

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2 thoughts on “Cry havoc”

  1. I would like to know who the lovely Ms. Plug is. Please forward her photo and vital statistics. Who is this fellow Chalerm you speak of? Doesn’t his name mean “shark” in Thai? My personal feeling is that Abhisit is a wimp, but he is better than all the other clowns and gangsters we have slavering for power in the wings. Perhaps Mr. Chalerm will prove to be Thailand’s savior, a clean and patriotic servant of the people who will lead us to the Kingdom of Heaven. Or maybe not.

    • Maybe not, is my guess (re. Chalerm’s prospects). … I have much more respect for Abhisit that you do–I believe he’s done a responsible job in nearly impossible circumstances, moving with due caution to prevent a much worse bloodbath and doing what he can to minimize the chances of exacerbating Thailand’s social and political divisions. Interesting times, no?

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