Hope in dark times

Just when things couldn’t get any worse, they did. But it turned out they didn’t really, and Sara’s right, I worry too much.

I’ve just come back into my office, and I heard this horrible rasping from the left wing of my iMac. My mind is going, “It’s the fan, right? It can’t be the hard drive, it can’t be the hard drive, aiyeeeee.”

Careful investigation has revealed the real problem. I had an online jazz station playing, way down low, and what I heard was the drummer’s hi-hat going tska-tska-tska and scaring the shit out of me.

Good News ‘R Us, eh?

Earlier case of falling-sky syndrome.

Irrational fear of hi-hats.

Worrywart (alt. worry wart) from eymonline.com: 1956, from comic strip “Out Our Way” by U.S. cartoonist J.R. Williams (1888-1957). According to those familiar with the strip, Worry Wart was the name of a character who caused others to worry, … the inverse of the current colloquial meaning.  The Word Detective has more.