Inspirational hobologoist aphorisms & epigrams

Insights into the hobologoist mindset.

Money corrupts.

Impecuniousness rools, OK!




Artists must suffer.

I have my principles.

Solipsism means never having to say you’re being corrupted by money and prizes.

I like semi-colons; commercial editors can go screw themselves.

I like [literary practice of your choice]; commercial editors can go screw themselves.

Hobologoists don’t write query letters.

Nobody ever read Antoine Blorschacterforth either.

Save the trees, save the bytes, save having to explain to critics why they are fools. Remain unreadable, unpublishable, unflappable in face of famine.

Zen hobologoism: “Why write a book that no one reads? That is the whole point.”

Taoist hobologoism: “Stuff happens. Some of it we call books. Better to contain these than let them lead to readers and critics, eh?” (Few people realize that Taoism originated in Canada.)

Chief Smokey Tent: “I write my novels on the wind; read them if you can.”

Collin Piprell: “Haiku are easier than novels, unless inscrutability is your first aim.”

Marketing model for hobologoists.

Kafka portrait by  Dimitrije Popović.

6 thoughts on “Inspirational hobologoist aphorisms & epigrams”

  1. Not only did Taoism originate in Canada–Lao Tzu was actually a Saskatchewanese lumberjack named Bert. He wrote under a pen name because he knew nobody would ever publish a book written by a Saskatchewanese lumberjack. And Bodhidharma was a fisherman from Baffin Island named Beau de Dama.

    • Such a pleasure to encounter a scholar of your calibre. The incredible stories of Beau de Dama and Bert the Lumberjack too often go unappreciated, if not indeed unheard of, and too many have bought into the standard accounts, farfetched yarns that have done little more than serve far right-wing interests around the world and sell ill-advised T-shirts to bra-less bimbos that know no better.

  2. Reminds me I need to get my scribes to work writing my Collected Works. Daddy had ’em, Granddaddy had ’em. Why shouldn’t I be published, as well?

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