Occupational hazards: Add to the collection

I’ve suggested some typical hazards that writers face, aside from the traditional death from starvation, and more lurk here in my files. But the following wheeze is easier than writing one of these up just now.

I’m supplying links to those that have gone before, and invite ideas from you—“you” being that mythical creature, the real, live visitor to Collin’s blogsite—for other occupational hazards that afflict writers. Contributions from writers, writers-to-be, readers and the general public welcome.

1. Godwotterous writerly brain syndrome







2. Some good things to do with an internet addiction









3. Emotional opportunism/spiritual callousing










4. Can the novel survive the demise of novelists?














5. Plagiarism







6. Freeing the teabags















7. Ersatz creativity I: Boozing





8. Distractions: New frontiers in creative foreplay






9. Addictions, spinal deficiencies and disciplinary infinite regresses