Opportunities for graybeards

writers love 'emkenny rogers1Upon recent acquaintance and saddened at the news I’m only a writer, more than one Filipina lady has suggested I could make a living in Manila as a Kenny Rogers impersonator. Now an American woman from Tennessee who looks like a diminutive Cormac McCarthy with longer hair and dyspepsia tells me there’s hope for me in America as an Orsen Welles clone.

orson welles

I grow giddy at this ever-expanding horizon of opportunity, where age and gray-beardedness are instead generally supposed to narrow one’s prospects. One 25-year-old babe even told me I reminded her of Sean Connery, though I know she was just trying to flatter me. Anyway, Connery’s about 75 years old, for Christ’s sake, so I wasn’t flattered at all. That friggin’ nitwit.

Sara tells me I should never say “friggin’” with respect to women, nor should I call them nitwits. Sean Connery would never do that.sean connery


Barsotti’s cartoon (copyright cartoonbank.com) appeared in the 24 June 1994 issue of the New Yorker



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  1. Hi Collin – Kim, Arlene and Dave here sending you and Sara very Merry Christmas wish and all the best in the New Year. Love Kim

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