The Great Cull

Looking back from some time in the future, assuming there’s still anyone to look back, will we interpret COVID-19 in part as a cull?  

If so, then exactly what was culled? Did the pandemic take mostly the old and weak, leaving the rest of the herd to carry on? Maybe it also culled the stupid and irresponsible to some extent, though those conditions may have been more a matter of nurture than genetic nature. (I’ll leave it to readers to suggest which factors in the current world might contribute to those conditions.) 

From Pastor Who Claimed Covid-19 ‘Hysteria’ Was Plot Against Trump Dies From Virus,

Or did genetic factors predispose certain people to dying from COVID-19? In that case, did the Great Pandemic change the global gene pool in any significant way? If it turns out that there are genetic markers for COVID-19 mortality, then surely widespread deaths could alter the gene pool, or so I’ll argue (on the basis of very little scientific knowledge, I should add). 

And supposing it does, so what? Will the genetic changes result in changed human behavior? Does a bright side lurk years down the road? Will the pandemic come to be known as the Great Cull, and glory be? 

A note: I’m writing a new novel. And now my story must acknowledge the current pandemic – from my perspective, just one more COVID-related inconvenience.

Maybe the Great Cull will also decimate the excessively self-centered, suggests Sara. 

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    • Greetings, Kai.

      So you’re saying you’re almost compassionate by nature? 🙂

      The irony of his death should serve as a valuable lesson for all his ilk, but I fear it won’t.

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