Who mocks T. Mockingbird

In my last post, I discussed the mindful appreciation of a novel tequila experience, one that might even be good for you. Who knows? Our test subjects felt better after taking it, at least, and they were all still alive the next morning.

My earlier “Magic potion revealed!” had for months been a leading magnet for visitors to this site; “T. Mockingbird” promises to be an even bigger draw, which leads one to wonder whether the therapeutic properties of tequila are more widely appreciated than are those of cinnamon and turmeric.

But one commentator, he calls himself “Osho,” suggests my claims for T. Mockingbird are rubbish, and nothing beats laow khao mixed with wine cooler. The one time I tried this, at Osho’s instigation, it took three days to get the taste out of my mouth. The only equivalent experience I can remember was once (long before I met Sara) when I was moved, in a fairly congenial mood, to lick the sun-warmed thigh of a woman on a tropical Asian beach only to discover, too late, that she had earlier applied a roll-on mosquito repellent. Supposing mosquitoes responded the same way I did, that was the hydrogen bomb of insect repellents. It was nearly as vile as laow khao/wine coolers. The mere thought triggers flashbacks.

Yet “Osho” says his potion has much else to teach us.

For Jeff the Giant Anthropologist’s advice on therapeutic uses of laow khao, see “Live long & strong with yaa dongPlus.”

Some impulse led me to google “Tequila Mockingbird” this morning. Guess what? I got nearly 62,000 hits—everything from drink recipes to rock bands and restaurants. But this is merely an instance of a good idea recurring, and recurring, in what is on its way to becoming our collective consciousness.

Painting by Jacob Lawrence.

2 thoughts on “Who mocks T. Mockingbird”

  1. Lao Khao and wine cooler is a highly underrated drink, and it’s cheap. I would say something witty, but it’s New Year’s Day and I’m hung over.

    Have a happy twenty-eleven,
    And if you think it’ll be like heaven,
    I’ve news for you; for I can tell
    It’s going to be much more like hell.

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