Autonomous smartphones: Is your gadget evolving?

So I’m sending an SMS on my iPhone, and I’m using “jesus christly” as a compound adjective, when this phone, even though it’s only a 2G model, takes the liberty of capitalizing “Jesus”. What’s next? It’ll probably start offering prayers to Him on my behalf. Maybe even promising I’ll do a 20-year tour of duty as a missionary in Africa if only the babe over there at that other table, here in Starbucks (which I never frequent), gives me a big smile.

Hi Sara. This is only in an as-it-were kind of manner of speaking, here. In fact that wasn’t me, it was my iPhone, eh? Okay, I know the 2G doesn’t have Siri, but this phone is evolving. I swear.

Upsides and downsides of this modern age.

Whoa! Look what I’ve found—my phone’s just playing catch-up.