Dopamine addiction: The haikus

Enough with the novels, already. Time to spin some haikus, eh?

I admit it: the internet is eating my mind. And here are some related haikus, straight from the poet, by God.

Self-portrait: Tenuously me

Spring day darkening:

the locust digital swarm

eats my absent mind.

Read on for the essential lowdown on dopamine addiction.

Dipping for Dopamine

Delivery vehicles,

Every damn Like

A dopamine fix. 

Proto-cyborg Lament

The battery defunct,

My 5G iPhone is dead.

I am diminished. 


Mindfully multi-tasking,



It’s often said the internet is more addictive than tobacco or alcohol. 

“Many people say this.” 

– Donald J. Trump

And so it is. But just wait till fully immersive GR arrives on the scene. 

You can read all about that in MOM. And in Genesis 2.0, new editions of which — ebook and print on demand — are now available online.

Special bonus for having read this far:


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