Rx for rejected writers

Steve Van Beek, prominent local writer, film-maker and river specialist has just sent me the following encouragement to get off my lazy butt (interview with Philip K. Dick’s daughter) and do more to promote my series of darkly comic futuristic novels (underway) that will clarify most important features of reality in rippingly entertaining fashion. (Some opinion has it that I  write better novels than I do blurbs.) Certainly, Philip K. Dick is one of the most successful science-fiction writers there ever was, never mind much of this success has come post-humously, which is rarely ideal from the writer’s point of view.


Meanwhile, Bill the Mathematician sends me advice on making a million dollars from your blog. This is the same Bill the Mathematician who once suffered a broken back without noticing, and it isn’t uncommon to find him with tongue in cheek. Whatever. I still have some way to go with this million bucks. Patience, eh?

Poll. This post establishes a personal record number of embedded links. Is that bringing me closer to my $1 million, or does that merely irritate visitors? (Visitors? What visitors?)

3 thoughts on “Rx for rejected writers”

  1. More links! And a *real* writer would have connected Dick, his daughter’s name Mini, and the ads above the urinals in the Emporium which say, “Incredibly Mini!”, a perhaps unfortunate message to be sending to all the men standing there, holding their Dicks.

    • Ah, but both Steve and the original poster had already made the mini-dick connection, and I didn’t want to beat a dead whatever. Hey, but you should be the writer. My powers of observation never picked up on the urinal sign at the Emporium. (Or maybe I’ve never peed in the Emporium, which may be further evidence of my peasant lifestyle.)

  2. I’d noticed the Emporium uri-analyses but it hadn’t clicked. Anybody bothered by it is an obvious candidate for more bodacious-related Spam. I’ll be happy to send you all of mine.

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