Feelings of inadequacy

I guess this is how it should be done, if you’re going to be a science-fiction writer with a blog.

My first visit, and Charlie Stross’s site leaves me feeling utterly inadequate. I’m going to erase my entire blogsite and leave a “So sorry” sign hanging there in its place. Damn.

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    • You’re right–a nicely designed site that works well. I don’t know his writing, so I get more the personal diary side of it, but thanks. Maybe I’ll look at one of his books. “Hard” sci-fi, no?

  1. Import from Facebook:

    Thursday at 3:33pm · Comment · Like · Share
    Jeff Petry
    Reminds me of the first time I read Garcia Marquez. …he was to remember that distant day his father took him to discover ice… I knew I could never match that – why try?

    Collin Piprell
    Pretty enigmatic. I’ve had enough sleep I’m going to interpret that in a positive light. By lunchtime I’ll probably have to change my mind.

    Jeff Petry
    I felt the same way when Gabriel effortlessly wrote: Many years later, as Colonel Aureliano Buendia stood before the firing squad, he was to remember that distant day when his father took him to discover ice.

    So that’s what a real writer can do, I thought, and lay down my pen.

    Nothing to do with you, really – just a feeling I had 30 years ago, is all.

    Collin Piprell
    So I hope you’re picking up your pen again. If Gabriel had read some red-hot literary dude in his early years and done the same, we’d all we the worse for it, no?

    “C. Piprell stood condemned and sentenced for his literary crimes, benoosed, awaiting the drop, hoping to enter some better place where hithertofore missing groupies gamboled over lush hill and dale barren of critics and bill collectors, aforementioned groupies pleased to serve him in any way they could, lo and unto the preparation of peanut butter and banana sandwiches on demand.”

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