New, improved reading experience. Not.

“Alice” fans and critics (see my last post) likely fall into opposing iPad and Kindle/Sony camps. The former will view Alice as a new and improved kind of reading: “Great! It’s just like browsing the Internet.”  The latter — i.e. those who actually enjoy extended reading — will view it with horror: “Whoa! This is just one more patch of digital quicksand.”

In the spirit of deteriorating attention spans and debilitated Muses, and  because it’s way easier than writing a novel, I give you a haiku:


fall day darkening:

the locust digital swarm

eats my absent mind

Just by the way, here’s a reasoned argument for why paper books will persist.

2 thoughts on “New, improved reading experience. Not.”

    • Good parallel. Though I’d suggest it threatens to become more sinister than that, to the point we may have to ask: “When did an assortment of scratch-and-sniff patches come to take the place of fine women- and perfume-scented women? By God.” 🙂 Of course I have the flu, and such feverish imaginings may pass. I hope so.

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