Home-grown back therapies rool!

Caption: Our adventurer, with his new office chair, just after summiting the roof of his apartment building five times in a row without oxygen.

Breaking news on the old-crockish falling-apart front: I’ve just cured a rogue back, gone bad in the prime o’ me loif and all, by giving my office chair to the guard downstairs in favor of sitting on an exercise ball at my desktop computer, alternating this with standing at my filing cabinet with a laptop on a shelving plank resting across the second drawer from the top. The rest of the self-prescribed therapy has entailed running up and down the fire-escape stairs till I’m all tired up.

And it has worked. One day last week I had trouble getting off a bed; now I appear to be fighting fit.

But the really good news is that I narrowly missed paying 45,000 baht for an Aeron ergonomic office chair instead. (Cost of alternative therapy: 450 baht for the 75cm exercise ball—that’s 100 times less than the Aeron technological miracle.) Medical note: That makes me feel good all over, not just in the back area.

By way of celebration, Sara yesterday, after a long window shopping session on http://www.safecomputingtips.com/best-ergonomic-office-chairs/, bought a leather-upholstered lounger for the living room, which means I now have a third work station.







A link just provided by Jeff the Giant Anthopologist, the NY Times on what to do with a back.

Here’s a theme song I can safely pack away for future reference, sometime way down the road, I hope:

Ain’t Gonna Need This House No Longer (Stuart Hamblen)

And an extra, added bonus, only because I like it:

Truckin’ (The Grateful Dead).



7 thoughts on “Home-grown back therapies rool!”

  1. Here are some Facebook reactions:

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    Susan Rose Martin
    Good news, Collin!
    Yesterday at 3:07pm · Like

    Ross Stevenson
    It is never tooooo late to start 🙂
    Yesterday at 3:25pm · Like

    Collin Piprell
    To start what–sitting on a ball? Sacking out in a lounger?
    Yesterday at 3:31pm · Like

    Collin Piprell
    I must emphasize, the back pain was a fleeting anomaly caused by too much sitting in a computer chair I got secondhand from the Spanish Inquisition. Then, when my back started hurting, I did some innovative exercises to teach it a lesson, which didn’t take, as it turned out. But now all is well, except for the guard downstairs who inherited my old chair and is probably even now in pain. 🙂
    Yesterday at 3:33pm · Like

    Ross Stevenson
    I thought you were bouncing around on your ball(s). No wonder you have a sore back!!
    Yesterday at 3:34pm · Like

    Collin Piprell Ah, you confuse sore backs with saddle sores.
    Yesterday at 3:54pm · Like

    Shane Bartley
    Good to hear you alleviated your back pain without the Aeron pocket damage 🙂 Though, I still love my one 😉 At least your third work station, is more my speed! Hope all is well with you and Sara, I will be back in Bkk next month, we should catch up..
    Yesterday at 3:58pm · Like

    Collin Piprell
    How about dinner? You can come and lounge in our lounger with an aperitif or two.
    Yesterday at 4:01pm · Like

    Alastair Moir
    I think I should take a page from your book. My back is fucked, and it’s driving me crazy!!! I’ll buy one when I get back to BKK!

  2. Could you share where you purchased the exercise ball? I’m looking for one now in Bangkok and coming up empty so far.

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