MOM & Genesis 2.0: Unabashed self-promotion


The first novel in the Magic Circles science-fiction series is being generally well received by a variety of readers. There follow a few kind words (click on the box of blurbs):







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Genesis 2.0

The next novel in the series will be available from 5 October 2017.








I plan to reveal all in the coming weeks with a series of links to MOM reviews, interviews with the author (that’s me), and other, stealthier promotional initiatives.

“Big surprise!” says Jack Shackaway. Jack posted the following four years ago: Selling novels: What it takes.








Publisher: Common Deer Press


Genesis 2.0

5 thoughts on “MOM & Genesis 2.0: Unabashed self-promotion”

  1. Love your stuff Collin and it’s about time we met, g-d nose we have enough mutual digital and corporeal friends.

    • Thank you, Gary. Look forward to meeting. Maybe sometime in the coming week? (I’ve been recovering from retina surgery, and keeping a low profile.) Cheers

  2. Loving these books big time, incase you weren’t sure. Looking forward to the release of Genesis 2.0!

    • Many thanks, Ellie. And the way things are going, the entire psychiatric profession should be looking forward to Resurrections, the third in the series. 😛

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