Rule to live by #2: Always drink pastis in full midday sun.

This is in response to S. Tsow’s comment on my last post.



Cautionary note. Ease off when your brain begins to bubble.

PastisResults of the latest field trial. Once again I have followed my rule, and once again, this day following, I find cause to question it.

hangovers joy of



Bonus lore. Rx for hangovers: The Joy of Hangovers

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3 thoughts on “Rule to live by #2: Always drink pastis in full midday sun.”

  1. Rob Alton Hangovers: 1) The eyeball pain one. 2) The one where you wake up feeling ok, then feel progressively worse until you have another drink at 6pm. 3) The older you get, the less you feel/get sick in the morning. I try avoid them these days.
    November 10 at 7:35pm · Like

    Collin Piprell I also avoid them. But the pastis in the midday sun is more like a spiritual thing, a shamanist route to communion with the whatever, and whatnot.
    November 10 at 7:55pm · Like · 1

  2. And Rule to Live By #3 is … or are there only 2? I’ve been sitting here waiting with my pasti & pepper.

    • Just saw this. Probably time to either revive or extinguish this site. There are other rules. But as you’ve noticed I haven’t posted them. Wait. 🙂

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