Freeing the teabags

“Tedium is my medium, and boredom is my game.” (original coinage, Mr Jack Shackaway, Esq.)

Currently I’m producing most of my adrenaline at night. And this morning I awoke tired and anxious, haunted by a dream wherein a gang of Irish writers threatened me with terrible things, the details of which I can’t remember. I do know groupies played a role in developments, which maybe explains why my personal timecock was pointing insistently to noon or thereabouts, even though it was only 6.30am. This kind of dream typically appears when I’m getting really bored. Right now, e.g., I haven’t had an adventure in months. It’s time to kick over the traces, get out of town and into trouble somewhere.

But this morning I haven’t got any farther than the Sugar & Sweet Coffee Shop, a ten-minute walk down the road. In this coffee shop, they tie the teabag strings to the cup handles as though they fearred the bags will try to escape. If it weren’t for the bumper crop of miniskirted and short-shorted humdingers that infest this place, I’d never come in here.

Still, I really hate having to free my teabags and then find a place to put them till it’s time to ask for a refill of hot water.

Thai lesson for the day: kee niaow = stingy, mean.

And maybe I am. But karmic merit from my emancipation of the teabags cancels out the meanness.

Meanwhile I sit here with my laptop computer and tea, indistinguishable from hundreds of thousands of other people sitting in coffee shops around Thailand looking writerly in front of their laptops, except for the fact most of the others are drinking coffee instead, and don’t have to cope with hobbled teabags.

And I’m purely bored.

Click on the miniskirt for a haiku by Collin Piprell.

Another dream. And another.

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See how bored I am?

4 thoughts on “Freeing the teabags”

  1. Sorry. No upskirtshots ‘r’ us. Could use the income, but remain determined to earn such by way of novels so far ahead of their time it’s hard to say what the currency I’m likely to be paid in.

    The PG (tips) clue suggests you are also a tea aficionado, however misguided in your choice of teas.



  2. Where have I seen that word recently? Some discussion whether it’s meant to be orgasmic or something? Aha! I have it: “(Adjective) Equivalent to orgasmic; a state of intense or paroxysmal excitement.
    Usage: Gatsby believed in the green light, the orgastic future that year by year recedes before us.”

    • The last was in response to an invisible message:
      Submitted on 2011/07/14 at 10:03
      That sexy ass is orgastic.

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